How Invested are You in Your Goals?

What have you put in or put on the line to complete your goals?


Humans are motivated more by fear of losing than my the desire to gain. If we put money or reputation on the line we are going to be more committed to the task at hand.  Not wanting to lose or look foolish is what stops us from starting a lot of our projects. But if we get over that initial fear and sign up for that marathon, start that risky project, tell others your lofty goals, you are now invested whether it is financial or just your reputation. Brendan Leonard at refers to this as a fear based fitness plan, where once signed up for an event you now have to get ready to complete it or risk looking foolish or losing your entry fee.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of Gofundme campaigns where people are looking to raise money to start projects and ventures where they are asking for the full amount to start their project, with no investment by them on the front end.  How committed to the execution and the follow through will they be if they have no personal stake in the game.

At the same time I’ve seen this pattern, I stumbled across a podcast about how to get the most out of any experience.  The story was about someone who went on an early Outward Bound trip and how at the end of trip they awarded the person who performed the best.  The people who ran the OB trip knew he would be the one to win and get the most out of it because he was the only one who had paid his own way, others were paid by employers or they were there for judicial reasons.  The lesson that they said to get the most out an experience is always pay your own way and me more committed than anyone else.

Are you invested in your projects? What have you put on the line?  Are there areas you want to be more invested in?



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